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Director of Art

Henry Shen

* M.F.A, University of Harford

* Founder of Cijin Art and 1300Only Porcelain

* Honored with the Kaohsiung Culture & Arts   Award in 2010


After earning degree in electrical engineering, Henry Shen moved to the States and found interest in ceramics in a summer workshop. After taking classes at Parsons, Hunter, and Alfred University respectively, he obtained an MFA from the University of Hartford, under full scholarship. He studied ceramics under some well-known professors including Susan Peterson, Walter Hall, John Rolfing, Michael Lucero, Val Cushing and Kim Dickey. Since then, he had dedicated his career and greatest passion to ceramics as a full time sculptor and art director.


18 years after living in the States, he returned to his hometown, Cijin, in 1997 to take care of his parents. That same year he established Cijin Art, dedicated to custom designs and the manufacturing of architectural ceramics. Being one of the very first pioneers in the field, he has numerous public installations of art and architectural projects, many of which have gained very high recognition and awards.


In 2010, he launched 1300  Porcelain. From architectural ceramics to refined porcelain, still thinking as an every growing artist, he takes on the challenge of regaining the glory of Chinese porcelain. After five years of trial and error, he overcame all the technical issues with making porcelain sculptures without having to cover-up its many difficult traits with glazes and bases. Henry and his team have truly brought a new revolution for the porcelain art of today.


Every piece of work produced by 1300 shows the commitment of uncompromised design, quality and craftsmanship of our team of experts.


Unparalleled Craftsmanship

There is no limit to creating a unique piece of art. Unlike other companies, our designers know that there are no limitations to what we can fire in our kiln. Without having to fear their designs too complicated or unstable, they can let their creativity loose. The designers work closely with the sculptors to ensure that a 720-degree perspective can be possible for each sculpture.


The intricate production of a 720-degree free-standing sculpture makes the job much more challenging and complicated when making a mold. A small sculpture may require more than 10 molds, each with more than five pieces. While a larger sculpture may need more than 500 pieces. From the designers, to the sculptors, mold makers, glazers, and firing team; we all strive to make the best porcelain without taking any shortcuts.


Pursuit of Perfection

On every stage of the production, all of our works are carefully examined with the highest standards. From the simple issue of the whiteness of our porcelain, to cracks and stability; only the most perfect qualities are accepted and presented to the world.

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