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Cijin Art was established in 1997, by Henry Shen and three of his students. The studio specialized in making ceramic reliefs for architectural designs; interior, exterior, and public. The studio quickly gained renown for it’s public installations. Today, the studio’s work can be seen all over Taiwan in parks, businesses, private offices, Taiwan’s MRT stations, as well as luxury condos.


With passion for ceramics, Cijin Art started to explore making fine porcelain, in hopes of bringing out the best of ceramic art and to be recognized as one of the finest porcelain studios in the world. After 6 years of hard efforts, the studio has successfully overcome all the limitations associated with the medium and launched “1300” in 2010.


1300 is the only artist-run porcelain brand in Taiwan. Its team of expert craftsmen and their attention to detail are what truly distinguishes it from the existing brands in the market. One of the biggest differences between 1300 and other studios is that their work can be viewed from all angles without having to compromise the structural integrity and visual fluidity of the composition.  

Today, the studio has grown to a team of more than sixty professional members. The coming of 1300 and the new trends brought by the studio symbolizes an important milestone and a new era of Chinese porcelain.

From Ceramics to Porcelain


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