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Since the birth of 1300 in July, 2010, the studio’s first luxury porcelain collection have gained very high attention among porcelain lovers due to its unique design and non-traditional forms. Many asked: Why ‘1300’ ?


1300 as a number: Numbers are the common language shared by all, symbolizing boundless creativity within our designs as well as our ambition to be a world-class porcelain art studio.


1300 as a temperature: Representing our uncompromising standards in our craftsmanship. Our porcelain is only fired at 1300 degree Celsius, are we able to achieve perfection.


1300 as a history: About 1300 years ago today, the world’s very first porcelain was fired in China. Today, 1300 aims to revive the glory of Chinese porcelain in its own way and hand down the craftsmanship for the generations to come.


Natural Inspirations


Nature is perhaps the first and most important element for all design and creativity. The various patterns, movements, and expressions found in nature have inspired man since we first learned the use of line. 1300 strives to capture the visceral beauty of nature in all its forms.


Redefined Classics


Classical Art has had a profound influence on the art and culture of the world. Developing from old Eastern and Western traditions, 1300 combines creative concepts with classical elements, making its collection uniquely beautiful.


Simply White & Gold


A little known fact about most porcelain collectibles is that there are often blemishes on the surface of the piece. We don’t use excessive amounts of glazing to cover up blemishes and unevenness on the surface. Nor do we use color to hide other imperfections. Our collection has an all matte, bright white finish, right out of the kiln, with no blemishes and cover-ups. In places we do add transparent glazes and gold, we do it to add to the composition of the piece, not to hide unevenness on the surface. Porcelain was once called “white gold” by old western traders; we strive to live up to that name.


New Rules


Another difficulty with porcelain is that it can be easily warped and cracked during its firing. Most companies add very little detail to avoid cracking in certain places. You also see a lot of big bulky bases to add to the structural integrity of the piece. You’ll also notice that most porcelain wares are very thick. Because we do not strive to mass produce, we take the time to make sure our work is worth the prestige we claim. Our porcelain is thin, delicate, intricate, and smooth. We will never produce anything with bulky bases. Sculptures are made to be viewed from all angles as if it (they) were alive, and life is complex. That is what we make. So far no other existing porcelain brands are able to achieve the same state of perfection.



Art Appreciation

“The perfection we are pursuing is an experience  

                       beyond what you already knew to be true.”

Aesthetics of WHITE


First time porcelain lovers can appreciate the natural color of porcelain where the white is immensely pure and translucent. The warm texture gives a silky finish, with only a small amount of gold sparkling on desirable areas to further enhance the artistry of the work. No one is able to resist the attraction. 1300 Only Porcelain invites you to explore and enjoy the impeccable aesthetics of white porcelain.


3D Experience


Experience the fascination of the three-dimensional art through the collections of 1300 Only Porcelain. Every single part of the work tells a different story and a feeling of your own. On one side, Goddess Venus is stretching out entirely seeking for freedom while on the other side her hairs extend and become part of narcissus flowers in the end. Feel free to appreciate the works from different angles, even the bottom section. The character and design is complete without a base. The artworks of 1300 Only Porcelain comes in different shapes and forms, all rarely seen in the collectibles market, offering a rich selection for art appreciation as well as a valuable investment in your vast collection of art.  

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